samedi 11 février 2017

                                                    Dreams and goals

Hey lectors,
First of all, it's been a long time I didn't post something in my blog and I've missed it because I simply love sharing things... And today, as you can note, of course because of the topic's title, that I'm going to speak about dreams and goals in life. So, knowing that we, the humans, were born in this big beautifull world to do mainly an important number of interresting things for our enjoyment and hapiness , we should or I'm about to say we must have dreams and goals. I mean for me it's essential for a good present and a better future. And yeah, you can notice that I'm so optimistic and I trust in proverbs like "If we really want something, we can have it". The reason? It's just because a lot of persons reached their dreams and goals (even when it appeared impossible or so beautifull to become real) because they believed in it. Surely, I'm not telling that we can envisage to become an imaginary creature  for example ,because in that case it's illogical ! I think or at least I hope you understand my idea. Now, let me talk about my personnal dreams and goals. Concerning passions, i would love to visit the most impressive cities to discover cultures and traditions, eat in different restaurants, learn new words in languages like Chinese or Japanese, meet other people, enjoy activities like rollerskating or free fall... On the social plan, I will do my best to help a maximum of associations that work for orphans, handicaped or poor persons... Well, there are too much things I want to do and if I continue I wont finish with it. Furthermore, I don't want to give all my suggestions hahahah, just kidding. But, I have to say that if I want to reach my dreams, i should set goals, take action by studying hard to consequently have a good job for a favorable pay that will help me... I hope you take in consideration my message because it unders an advice if you got it ... Thanks for reading and I wish you liked this "article".

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